11 essential films about cars

The premiere of the exceptional ‘Drive’ back into fashion films about cars. A good story always improves with four wheels and a competent director and great allies. Too many productions have been made to burn gasoline in search of an artificial effect, others, however, have used the automotive world as an efficient thread that gets better the quality of the final product.

This is the selection of 11 films you should not miss. O yes, if you’re into electric cars:

- Grand Prix (1966): John Frankenheimer directed to James Garner in this fast-paced film that has always been considered more like a documentary than a fiction film because, beyond any cinematic assessment, his condition has lasted film document how competitions were Formula 1 in the tragic 60s.

- Bullit (1968): Put in the same bag magnetism of Steve McQueen, the streets of San Francisco, a Ford Mustang GT390, and a Dodge Charger R / T 440 Magnum (both 68), the music of Lalo Schifrin and an director like Peter Yates at its best can only result in one of the best films ever police and also shoot the most iconic car chase ever filmed.

- The 24 Hours of Le Mans (Le Mans 1971):  Great McQueen film that pays tribute to one of the greatest circuits motorsport history: Le Mans. The actor filled circuit cameras, some in the Porsche that it flew in the race and with which achieved a creditable 8th place finish, and showed from inside the difficulty of being a professional racing driver.

- The Duel (Duel, 1971):  Telefilm a great aesthetic brilliance and a thrilling narrative pulse cinema map stood at a very young Steven Spielberg who was beginning to show its enormous talent. The film tells the relentless pursuit road which undergoes a driver by a mysterious trucker.

- Limit point zero (Vanishing Point, 1971): Richard C. Sarafian directed one of the cult films of the seventies. The film focuses on the adventures of Kowalski (Barry Newman), an employee of a business car rental betting that is capable of driving from Colorado to San Francisco in less than 15 hours. Along the way you will encounter all sorts of obstacles.

- C’était un Rendezvous (Ferrari in Paris, 1976): Short film shot by Claude Lelouch in the mid-seventies where in less than 10 minutes an almost suicidal pilot through the streets of Paris aboard a Ferrari 275 GTB with the best band may sound: the sound of its powerful motor. The film, shot at 5:30 in the morning meant that the author of it ended up in jail for reckless driving.Although it can not be considered a movie like this, your realism makes him an exceptional document. We show the short to complete.

- Mad Max (1979): In a post-nuclear future, where gasoline is the real treasure, Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson), a police officer in charge of monitoring a highway, facing a group of wild desert for Australian roads. Shocking images where violence is a character.

- The Driver (1978): Walter Hill directed this excellent film having three players in their prime: Ryan O’Neal as a seductive driver robberies; Isabelle Adjani, the girlfriend of our hero; and Bruce Dern, a tireless police will not stop until their prey.

- Death Proof (2007): Quentin Tarantino once again shows that his films have the best pace of modern cinema. The film revolves around a psychopath of the road called www.limohire-sportcarhire.co.uk
, a serial murderer who is destroying his victims, always young girls with your car ‘death proof’.

- Senna Movie (2010): Documentary triumphant at the Sundance Film Festival, which runs through the life of legendary Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna (1960-1994), from his debut season in 1984 until his untimely death a decade later in the San Marino Grand Prix. It features unreleased material drawn largely from the archives of Formula 1.

- Drive (2011):  Ryan Gosling, actor fashionable turns to gold everything he touches is a movie stunt driver by day and a driver to leak at night. The excellent film is a grim exercise in style that results in an almost perfect work.

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20 Films That A Lawyer Could Not Stop Watching

We opened new section begins to celebrate the weekend! :) Every Friday will upload funny content, curious or recommendations for relaxing weekend. We hope you enjoy it.

Today’s post is about the 20 films you can not help but see a lawyer or law student ;)


1. 12 Angry Men

Spectacular courtroom drama in which a jury of twelve men must decide on the guilt of an accused boy murdering his father. All but one found guilty.

It takes place almost entirely in the living jury deliberations. Required viewing for anyone in the world of laws.


2. Few Good Men

The marines doss hazing another partner seems that got out of hand (you amtaron). This situation enfreta a young and reputed lawyer Navy (Tom Cruise) in “nice” Commander in Chief of the Guantanamo base (Jack Nicholson) where possible murder investigation.

Great thriller military law with a great cast. Highly recommended.

3. All the President’s Men

Exciting thriller as two Washington Post reporters begin investigating a case in principle unimportant (two thieves at the headquarters of the Democratic Party), is exposing the famous Watergate, involving President Nixon.

Cast unbeatable with Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman.

a model citizen

4. Abiding Citizen

An adrenaline-pumping movie where a man; who loses his wife and daughter at the hands of two men who enter your home; decides to take justice into their own hands … and in what way. Great interpretation of the legendary Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and Django (Jamie Foxx).



5. The Pelican Brief

What begins as a class project for a law student, seems to hit the mark with their hypothesis. His work “The Pelican Brief” comes to the government and the lives of everyone associated with it begins to threaten. Star cast with Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington and director Alan J. Pakula (All the President’s Men).


6. Winners Losers the

One of the iconic films of the cinema of lawyers and lawsuits. Try perfect way the judicial process that led to the famous “Nuremberg Trials” in which he was accused of crimes against humanity to the main leaders of the Nazi party. Cast spectacular with Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift and Marlene Dietrich.


7. In the Name of the Father

The true story of a young Irishman who confuse an IRA leader and convicted for the bombing in a London pub that killed four people. Fifteen years after their innocence is recognized. Great interpretation of grandisimo actor Daniel Day-Lewis (The Last of the Mohicans, Be Blood).


8. Hurricane Carter

Great adaptation of the true story about the life of boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter (Denzel Washington) who like the sound of himself by Bob Dylan band says:

“Here comes the story of the Hurricane, The man the authorities came to blame For something that he never done.”

brando with strikers9. On the Waterfront

Great movie of a young Marlon Brando who plays a young man who seeks to work in New York harbor contaminated by a union where blackmail and favoritism are the daily bread. The “party” begins when Terry (Marlon Brando) witnesses the murder of a man who knew too much about the dirty laundry of the union.


La-tapadera_59810. The Firm

If you like movies lawyers and gangsters, here you have it equally.Entertaining intrigue and action movie where a young lawyer (Tom Cruise) seeks to do the best job possible until the call from an FBI agent changes everything. His firm is a front for laundering money for the Mafia.

matar-a-un-ruisenor-gregory-peck-500x388111. To Kill a Mockingbird

Great adaptation of the novel by Harper Lee, “To Kill a Mockingbird.” A spectacular Gregory Peck plays a father who teaches us valuable lessons about human integrity, sense of duty, justice, family, and the importance of living in community and bring something to it.



12. Final Verdict

An alcoholic lawyer finds a way to redeem their errors with a severe case of medical negligence. A seemingly simple case with the agreement of the parties, where an enthralling Paul Newman (counsel for a party) decides to go all the final verdict (http://aronberglaw.com/personal-injury-law-boca-raton-fl).


13. Evil Angels

Drama where a mother whose baby has disappeared overnight, kidnapped by a wild dog, must stand trial in which are convicted by the media.



6033_4506014.- Kramer contra Kramer

Great movie about separation and the dramatic struggle of parents for custody of his son. Very good deal with Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streap.

prosecution witness




15. Witness for the Prosecution

Based on a play by Agatha Christie, has the trial of a man accused of murder. The verdict of innocence or guilt depends on a curious prosecution witness: his wife (Marlene Dietrich).


16. The Innocent

The arrogant lawyer Mickey Haller (Matthew McConaughey) whose office is the back seat of a Lincoln, defense becomes a millionaire young man accused of brutally assaulting a prostitute.

Fracture17.- Fracture

A senior executive of an airline (Anthony Hopkins) discovers the infidelity of his wife and shoots him in the head that leaves her in a coma. With the murder weapon in hand and a confession of guilt takes over the case a young lawyer (Ryan Gosling) more concerned about his ascent. But a series of data that come to light could lead to the acquittal of Ted …


18. In Cold Blood

Adapted from a novel by Truman Capote, in which two ex-convicts murder pleasure to a farmer, his wife and son. They are persecuted for a year, until they are arrested and brought to trial.



19. Time to Kill

Adapatación of a novel by celebrated author John Grisham legal novels. A black girl is murdered and raped by two drunk white men. At trial, the father (Samuel L. Jackson) shoots against both. A young white lawyer (Matthew McConaughey) try to prove insanity before an all-white jury formed.


20. The client

Another adaptation of a work by John Grisham.In this case, a child in a forest to a lawyer about to commit suicide reveals the secrets of a murky murder, and the whereabouts of the body of a missing senator. The mafia finds out and try to kill the child, but the prosecutor (Tommy Lee Jones) protect you to uncover the truth once and for all.


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How to create CV for actor

The CV of the actor

A Freelance actor, as for any other job, show your experience and training. However you should know that this is something different and only contains information relating to interpretation. The rest of past work (eg, shopkeeper or your years of experience in the law firm) is not relevant.

If you do not want me to go straight to the trash, it is very important that you should be clear how this type of resumes.


In order, your CV should contain:

  • Contact Information

The first is your name clearly visible. Would you like to you know by the stage name or real? Whatever it is, always put the same to avoid confusion.

Then write your contact information, ie your phone number and your email . Do not include your home address, because it is not necessary to when they want to contact you.

If you have also added the name of your representative and your contact information. Do not forget that some agencies do you put the logo .

It also includes your personal web and makes it clear when you send your CV here can see more material such as photos or your videobook.

Finally, mention if you belong to the Union of Actors.

  • Physical Description

Just below, enter your height , weight and color of your hair and eyes . In the event that you ask for more details or want to add you, include them, but these 4 points are fundamental.

  • Experience

Plan your experience easy categories to distinguish a glance: film, TV, theater, advertising, dubbing, etc., always putting first the most relevant place or related to the type of job you should attend your CV.

If you prefer, or do not have much experience, you can join several sections (eg film and television, to separate good from theater). Remember that the shorts are included in the category of cinema.

Experience within each category should be sorted from newest to oldest , always indicating the year (or range of years) in which the work was performed and interpreted the character or class (protagonist, secondary or cast) , and the company or producer for which you worked.

If you have little experience you can follow our advice I have no experience, what I put on my resumes for dudes?

If, however, your experience is very broad leaves only the most important , or what fits more to the type of work you are looking for. A casting directors are not impressed both your workload and the quality of it. If you need to know more ask.

  • Training

Write here all your training relating to the interpretation, either with a coach in any professional school or theater classes you gave at school.

  • Abilities

The last step is to include all skills that can add to your interpretation. The most common are singing, some dancing discipline, play an instrument, learn driving, riding, skating, extreme sports and speaking other languages ​​fluently or mother tongue. It is also convenient to put the accents you master (eg, Andalusian, Galician …). The variety you see is wide.


Did you include age?

The minors YES should include.

For the rest, indeed biological age only requires the agency to your record, and is irrelevant to your CV.However, it is optional to put the age range than you appear on stage (eg 25-35 years).

Age is not usually included anyway because the photos show you just the way you are, and always send the CV. Some believe yes and who thinks not. It’s your decision.

Do I include photo?

Like age, no reviews for all tastes. Our view is that do include it. Normally you send your other pictures but you may print your resume separately, and if you can identify the better, better.

Yes, it is a photo that foreground, no entire body.


Especially when you have little experience, it is very tempting to invent content, whether of experience, training or skills.

What if they ask for any experience you lived in the shooting or what fellow coincidiste in the cast? What if they ask you to teach them the material?

No fill by fill or start inventing anything because our little world is very small and can turn against you. If you discover a casting director quite possibly will never call you.


Once you have all the important information you have to shape it. Please note that your resume should occupy if possible one page , and never more than two.

You must carefully design so that everything looks clear and clean . Make sure the font is legible and professional sources used.

No apelmaces all because saturate the reader. Leave spaces between sections to give small breaths.


Check carefully that your information and your agency is correct. You’d be surprised how many people are left without jobs by having a silly error in your data.

Take care of the details! Check your resume and turn it back check. Check your spelling, punctuation, spacing, margins, EVERYTHING. Show it to acquaintances to confirm that everything is correct and give you their opinion.


When you are happy with the end result turns your CV to PDF format .

If you send your CV in .docx format (Word) or similar run the risk that when opened from another computer and format the margins are changed, and remains somewhat unstructured. Also, if your computer has spellcheck many words they will be underlined. That’s why you need to convert, so that it is as you you’ve created.

Just click Save As, and change the document type from the drop.

You got ready to ship!

Did you been helpful? Subscribe to our blog for much more information and advice.

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Five spectacular mansions of the stars of Hollywood

While most people have to raise dollars for weight, ask a mortgage or become your own painter or electrician, Hollywood stars did not know what to look for housing in the classifieds. They have lots of money, won fair and square, and have the luxury of buying mansions that have everything one can dream. Here are five examples of what living like kings.

Miley Cyrus sold her house in Toluca Lake 3.4 million recently to move to a new mansion in Studio City, in the state of California, for which he paid the modest sum of 3.9 million in greenbacks. It has five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a saltwater pool, a spa, a gym and a large terrace.

Justin Bieber disbursed more than $ 6 million to acquire a Mediterranean-style mansion in the city of Calabasas, 9,000 square meters. It has a huge pool, a guest house, a large garage for his collection of luxury cars. The place has installed a new computer system that lets you control the house just by pressing a button; as well as its own movie theater and a game room with new consoles and arcade games. In addition, the singer installed a ramp to practice skateboarding. As if that were not enough, a few weeks ago he bought a beautiful house in Cartagena, Colombia.

Britney Spears disbursed the modest sum of 8 million and a half dollars to buy a house of 2,500 square meters, located in a gated community in Mauritius. The  Beach villas in Mauritius has 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a wine cellar, cinema and a huge swimming pool.

John Travolta has earned his money in a very good law and has no qualms of giving tastes. The star of Pulp Fiction built a house with a small airport. Yes !, parks his private plane at home. The plane’s pilot and owner of four aircraft-a Gulfstream II, a DC3 Dakota, a Lockheed Constellation and Boeing 707-, each with its corresponding “porch” area of Jumbolair, a kind of aviation community in Florida, USA.

Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the celebrities who decided to live away from Los Angeles and it seems that both are mimicked in New York when he starred in Sex and The City , which became, with her ​​husband Matthew Broderick , a luxurious home for $ 18 million. The house has 631 square meters and has style palace.

What is the mansion that you like?

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Cricket World Cup 2015 – TV Channels Will Broadcast Live

The most awaited event ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is going to be started soon and broadcasters as well as ICC rights partner global media “Star Sports” is kitting up its production to compete with the task of entertaining 2.5 billion people having live pictures access from around 200 territories all over the world will adore an extraordinary spectator experience on the list of their broadcasting platforms.

cricket movies

It is not in the hand of every cricket fan to reach the venue to get entertain with a first-hand action. Thus, the 2015 Cricket World Cup broadcast’s array of on-air compelling and enhancements with latest graphic presentation to complement the trusted and insightful voices of its expert commentators.

The Cricket World Cup 2015 production will be accessible in HD (High Definition) format as well as viewers will appreciate the most fascinating experience because around 29 cameras will be used to cover every match such as Ultra-motion cameras, Spider-cam for 13 matches and for every knockout matches, there is drone camera. In-use Technology consists of LED stumps and Real Time Snicko.

The biggest achievement in this world cup would be the use of 4K cutting-edge technology. To drag the attention of viewers more, Star Sports will cover seven matches in Cutting-edge 4K technology, comprising of semi-finals and the final.

The live broadcast featuring includes more than 30 commentators, past winners of the Cricket World Cup and game legends from the most important participating countries.
Live Mobile and Online streaming are also visible to complement the coverage of TV on digital official broadcasters’ channels, whereas starsports.com will also entertain live streaming matches in regions where there is no availability of television broadcast.
Country AND TV broadcasters:

Moreover, a wide Cricket World Cup 2015 radio coverage is also available. In Australia, ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation national) broadcaster will broadcast all matches live, whereas CrocMedia will cover the semi-finals and finals matches. Sport Radio is accessible in the other hosting country “New Zealand” for radio coverage. Other than these, the ball by ball commentary of this event in United Kingdom will be done by BBC, All India Radio in India, Sri Lanka Cricket Board in Sri Lanka, in South Africa SABC, 107 FM channel in Pakistan and Channel 2 in Gulf side.

  • In Pakistan: Ten Sports and PTV Sports,
  • In India: Star Sports1 and 3, and DD National (for Indian Matches mostly)
  • In Bangladesh: BT (Bangladesh Television)
  • In Afghanistan, there is Ariana Television Network and Lemar TV
  • In USA, there is ESPN
  • In Australia, there is Fox Sports and Nine Network
  • In Africa: SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation)
  • In Singapore, there is Star Cricket
  • In West Indies: CMC (Caribbean Media Corporation)
  • In Canada: ATN (Asian Television Network) is present.
  • In Europe (Excluding Ireland and UK): Eurosport2.
  • In China: there is Star Sports.
  • In Jamaica: TJ (Television Jamaica).
  • In Middle East, there is Arab Radio and Television Network.
  • In Nepal: Star Sports 1, and 2.
  • In Fiji: only Fiji TV.

In New Zealand: there is Sky NZ.

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Our topic today: real estate! Here is a list of movies in which it deals with real estate and whose main character a real estate broker .

The descendants

George Clooney portrays it the role of a lawyer specializing in property to let cape town and the sponsor of the family company owns huge land on the island of Hawaii. Following the accident of his wife and his coma, he learns that she was cheating on him with the real estate agent to sell the land. He believes he would have seduced his wife just in the interest of the conclusion of the sales contract. Is that so?

First name

This film Alexander Patellière has about the life of a real estate agent (Patrick Bruel) invited to a dinner with her sister. But things do not go as planned. Eager to reveal the name he and his wife chose for their future child, an argument broke out and old grudges resurface ….

This film was awarded in 2013 by the public of TF1.

A balcony overlooking the sea

Nicole Garcia’s film tells the story of a real estate agent, Marc (Jean Dujardin) married and a father who thinks recognize, at an estate sale, the girl he was in love in Oran, Algeria, when he was 12, Marie-Jeanne. A night with her, then she disappears.He starts his search. But hard for this troubled man to return to the past …

Following the real estate crisis in the United States, some shooting movies during risk becoming huge success boxoffice .Such is the case:

Agent : Century 21

This film Adam Hashemi: a Century 21 agent network with a troubled past (Cameron Diaz) is kidnapped in Mexico by drug cartel and becomes the prey of a kingpin, Benicio del Toro.

99 Homes

99 Homes (from Ramin Bahrani) plunge into the world of real estate corruption to recover his house, a man (Andrew Garfield) concluded a contract with the person who expelled.

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5 Legal sites to watch movies online for free

When we want to see a movie at home usually tend to ask how to “download” and make it available (in many cases even if not legal), but you should know that there are legal sites towatch movies online for free; then we will see what are the best places and how we can enjoy that movie online .

Legal sites for movies

Search the internet for “how to download free movies” we shed alarming results, and this may seem good for users, but there is a real problem and potential to be punished because there are agencies responsible for investigating these websites and users who access a content protected by copyright. To stay out of trouble is best to go to the variety of films that are for legal online and free .

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Free movies online

Oddly do exist online movies free or public domain , this because the copyright has expired, or simply because the owner has made ​​available to the public the material. Some of these places:

  • YouTube Movies
  • Open Culture
  • Repelis

Live TV broadcasts

There are television networks that transmit all of its programming via the Internet , in these cases can watch for free movies and series. Some channels available to find these transmissions are:

  • Filmon
  • Mytvonline

-Legal-sites-see-pel% C3% ADculas-Online-2.png -Legal-sites-see-pel% C3% ADculas-Online-3.jpg

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Payment options for online movies

But if we want to get the latest movies we can also choose payment options, here are some of the most popular:

  • Netflix
  • Google Play
  • iTunes

-Legal-sites-see-pel% C3% ADculas-Online-5.jpg -Legal-sites-see-pel% C3% ADculas-Online-4.png

As we can see there are good alternatives to see our best content online and for free. Have you used these services? Tell us what you perish.

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The Benefits Of Eggs In Breakfast For Whole Day Energy

If we talk about the breakfast than there is hardly a table which don’t have eggs included in the meal. Eggs are not only healthy for the kids, but also for the young and old age people as there a lot of calcium, iron, protein and vitamins. These all nutritions are necessary for the every person’s body to fulfill its needs and to keep it healthy condition. Eggs are taken as a meal in different ways and different meals included in eggs, which can helpful if one don’t like to take simple boil eggs. But the question arises that why these eggs are most important part of the main meal of the day, which is breakfast and major source of energy to complete the whole day work and tasks.

By keeping the importance of usage of eggs in the breakfast, doesn’t matter in which form you take it, we decided to explain it clearly and in a brief way so that readers can know the importance of eggs usage in the daily intake to maintain their body’s nutritions with amount of calories in eggs. Let’s follow us in this article to know more about it. It is the fact which is not denied that eggs are very necessary for the breakfast meal and also a healthy diet. But what are the things which make these eggs perfect for the diet and how much calories are there in an egg? Let’s have a bird’s eye view on all those advantage which eggs can provide you and benefits of calories in eggs.

Eggs’ Protein Benefits

Eggs are a major source of protein which a person’s body require for the daily intake to maintain the energy level. If we take an egg of medium size than it will be able to provide 6 grams of protein along with important amino acids, which are 9 in total which are a major part of these proteins too. These Proteins are helpful to maintain the energy level of the body so that you can be ready to face the whole day by having breakfast included on eggs in any form.


Choline Source

Neurological system of human’s body needs nutrition aids from choline. In this Neurological system Cardiovascular and brain are included and choline help to maintain the health of this system. There are 300 grams of choline in one medium size of an egg and it’s major source of this nutrition is the Yolk part of an egg. So it is very important that the growing kids take eggs in the daily breakfast as they have a lot of pressure of the study challenges to face and Choline can help to enhance their neurological system.

Natural Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important part and you can just expose yourself to sun, but there is another source of Vitamin D which is eggs from the list of few important food which are source of this. So you can take this nutrition for the body by having eggs along with all other foods in your breakfast.

It is true that there are a lot of calories in eggs, but still eggs are important part of our daily breakfast for the kids, growing children, young and old age people fulfill the nutritional needs of our bodies.

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New Moview: John Wick Online

John Wick (Keanu Reeves) was a hired murderer throughout his life until he fell in love with a woman and left the circuit of the mafia. Five years later, even despondent over the death of his wife, John lives alone with the dog she left him, surrounded by memories, hope and grief of the truncated love. Then it happens that young Josef Tarasov (Juliet Kakish), son of one of his former employers, commits the imprudence of raiding his house, steal his prized 1969 Mustang and kill the dog. The latter is sufficient for John Wick back to the slopes the crime. The news that the old ruthless murderer is behind Josef expands the underworld and reckless father, Viggo Tarasov (Michael Nyqvist), deploys its resources to try to stop what you know inevitable because John Wick will stop at nothing . So hire the criminal Perkins (Adrianne Palicki) and the sniper Marcus (Willem Dafoe), along with an army of bodyguards to accompany his idiot son. No need to tell more, but this happens in the first few minutes. In the rest of the footage there are 74 dead (70 of John Wick Online). That is, one every 90 seconds. It can not demand much a story with such intense concern Thanatos, although in some passages which the film is to wash your face -more sustanciosa- raising the proposition that a violent man can not escape his past life , a subject that is closer to the western that the gangster genre. What is striking is that this is the first film directed by Chad Stahelski, a man of 46 years who is skilled in all kinds of martial arts, weapons and acrobatics, and having its fame as stuntman. One of the high points of your resume is precisely the dubbing of Keanu Reeves in the stunts of the three Matrix. To meet the project John Wick, Stahelski was helping another stuntman great career, David Leitch, not shown in the credits. There are a few specialists of the same type have managed to break the barrier of this semianónimo job and become actors with their own configuration. But in the stratified Hollywood industry, spending double director represents a Copernican leap, a phenomenon outside the norm, very rare occurrence. The stuntman is the carnal matter of vicarious life: a figure that doubles a person who has bend, bend reality. What appears is not so, and all efforts are focused on that something is, but only seems. In this universe, be it apparently did not exist. Only there it seems.Therefore it is not necessary to ask whether the morale of John Wick is revenge, violence, resilience or individualism. Not at all: it is the moral of the stuntman. The good news is that the jump in Hollywood Stahelski shows that there is still a social mobility. John Wick Address: Chad Stahelski.With: Keanu Reeves, Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen, Willem Dafoe, Adrianne Palicki, John Leguizamo. 101 minutes.

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10 movies that every engineering student and engineer has to do

If you are an engineering student or you’re Engineer Today we leave 10 films that are for you and you have to see different engineering topics;)

If you think this list lacks any movie, says !

1. Moments of Danger (1951)

Original title: AKA No Highway in the Sky (UK)Times of danger

Theodore an aeronautical engineer , must submit for review a plane of your company.After examining detects some wear of the materials involve a high enough risk as it sees fit to warn the crew of an apparatus which is in full flight.

2. The Flight of the Phoenix (1965)

Original Title: The Flight of the Phoenix (United States)Flight of the Phoenix

View full movie VO
When a cargo plane forced to land in the Sahara desert due to a sandstorm, the only hope of salvation for travelers is to follow the instructions of an aircraft engineer German who proposes to build an airplane from the pieces of the broken plane: “Phoenix”. Otherwise, everyone would be condemned to die of heat exhaustion or starvation.

3. Flash of Genius (2008)

Original title: Flash of Genius (United States)Destellos_de_genio

The film tells the biography of Robert Kearns, the American engineer who invented the intermittent windshield wiper. Kearns recorded five patents on his invention, the first filed on December 1, 1964. With it came to the “big three” automakers, but all rejected his proposal. However, they began to produce and install intermittent wipers in their cars since 1969 without paying Kearns and infringing its patents, so that sued, winning the trials, one by one

Download Free Engineering notes

4. Primer (2004)

Original title: Primer (United States)First

See the full movie
Four engineers working in a garage building highly complex devices. Partly by accident and partly for their expertise, they discover vong bi cau tu lua with powers allowing them to get almost anything they want. This is a finding that could change the world, but that will test the relationships among its inventors … The film was written, directed and produced by Shane Carruth, a mathematician and former engineer , and was made ​​with a budget of $ 7,000

5. Mission Brave (1955)

Original title: The Dam Busters (United Kingdom)Mission brave

See Dambusters Documentary VO
It tells the story BOUT British engineer Barnes Wallace and developing a bomb bounce , used to attack hydroelectric dams in the industrial heart of Germany during World War II .

6. The Aviator (2004)

Original title: The Aviator (United States)The Aviator

Biography of multifaceted Howard Hughes , a man with the little money he inherited from his father moved to Hollywood, where he amassed a great fortune. He was one of the highlights of producing American cinema during the decades of the thirties and forties. But Hughes, plus producer, was a great industrialist and businessman who played an important role for its innovations in the world of aviation, is considered a self-taught engineer .

7. October Sky (1999)

Original title: October Sky (USA)October Sky

The film is based on the life of NASA engineer Homer Hickman, in your life as a student of science in the coal mines of West Virginia, Coalwood. The Soviet satellite Sputnik traverses the October sky and everything will change. Homer decides to manufacture a rocket with his friends and, despite initial failures achieved convince everyone that even in Coalwood can dream of the stars.

Download free notes Aeronautical Engineering

8. Tucker, a man and a Dream (1988)

Original title: Tucker: the Man and His Dream (USA)Tucker: the Man and His Dream

A young engineer American, Preston Tucker sees a car revolutionary technology and low cost, which baptizes with your name. The big three automobile manufacturers  General Motors , Chrysler and Ford team up to oppose the draft legally Tucker

9. Tron (1982)

Original Title: Tron (United States)Tron

Chronicles the adventures of a  programmer  who gets into the circuitry of a computer where the programs have life and personality. Kevin Flynn was a young programmer and presumptuous who worked in the mega-corporation ENCOM. One of the executives of this corporation is Dillinger. Flynn was deceived by Dillinger respect to gains and authorship of the games created

10. Iron Man (2008)

Original title: Iron Man (USA)iron_man

Tony Stark is a billionaire, entrepreneur and  engineer , suffered a chest injury during a kidnapping in which his captors attempt to force him to build a weapon of mass destruction.He instead creates a powerful armor to save his life and escape captivity. Then use the armor to protect the world as Iron Man. It is said that the character is based on the life of American tycoon thirties  Howard Hughes , with which it shares many features as its extensive wealth, charisma, intelligence, engineering genius and his obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

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Unique Patio Design Ideas

A patio is a paved outdoor area adjoining a house. It bears close resemblance to a deck but it is more formal. Whether you want a place to enjoy your breakfast early in the morning or curl up while watching the sun set till the sky turns black and lights up with beautiful shining stars, a patio will never disappoint. While you may be able to create a beautiful patio all by yourself, a professional patio builder will come up with unique designs that will bring out the best in your patio. If you live in Brisbane Northside, here are some interesting patio ideas from qualified-brisbane-patio-builders queensland-patio-builders that you may consider using in your backyard. But before we get to that, let’s first get to know Northside Brisbane.

Brisbane is the capital city of the Australian state of Queensland. Brisbane is a major business hub in Australia. Most leading Australian companies and numerous international firms, have contact offices in this city. The city is divided into over 450 suburbs. Northside Brisbane is made up of six districts: Moreton Bay Islands, North Western Suburbs, North Eastern Suburbs, Northern Suburbs, Outer Northern Suburbs and Outer North Eastern Suburbs. Each of these districts has a number of suburbs within them.

Northside Patios Brisbane Ideas

Do not limit yourself while choosing a patio design. This is your own backyard and it can be designed in a way that you love. Here are some of things you need to consider when choosing patio designs:

- Your own requirements and needs

- The kind of activities you want to do in the patio, your interests and your hobbies

- Consider it as a haven for reflecting your personality

- Consider the number of people you will have in this area to enable you organize the seating accordingly.

When it comes to designs and themes, here are some ideas you can pick from:

Music Lovers’ Haven

This is the perfect idea for avid music lovers who want to create space where they can enjoy music. If you love playing any kind of musical instruments, such as a piano, flute or a guitar, you can include them in your patio. If you are interested in a specific music genre, then you may incorporate elements of that style into your patio. For instance, if you like reggae music, add reggae music to your décor. Decorate the place by adding posters of your favorite reggae musicians. You may even install a powerful speaker system to enable you listen to your favorite music as you relax.

Artistic Touch

If you want to give your patio some artistic touch then this is the perfect idea for you. Ensure the area is sheltered to protect it against extreme weather conditions. The walls can be decorated with your favorite paintings. Add multi-storied racks for holding your paintbrushes, colors, thinners, oils, sculpting tools, pencils or any other equipment you may require for your artwork. Ensure the seating space is large enough to accommodate everyone who would just want to sit in this artistic place and watch you work. You can include your favorite form of art, be it;

- Sketching

- Painting

- Sculpting.

Verdant Verandah

This design allows you to relax in a cool tropical place, surrounded with verdant surroundings where cool breeze with natural fragrances flows around you. Look for some comfortable chairs and a nice table, which are good for outdoors. You can plant all kinds of trees around the patio and also include some potted varieties. If you want a livelier look, add a unique feature, such as a pond or a freshwater fountain. Add some fragrant flowers around the patio area as well.

Foodie’s Paradise

This is the best design for ultimate foodies who want to display their deep passion for food. Turn your patio area into a food and drink parlor, fully equipped with a BBQ grill and a refrigerator. If your budget and space allow, you can take things to another level by having your own bar in the patio, equipped with drink mixers, liquor bottles, cocktail flavors and some nice glasses. You may consider including a snack bar, equipped with chips, dips and condiments. So if you always think indoors is the best place to entertain your friends while enjoying some chilled beverages and delicious grilled delicacies, you are completely wrong. You can turn your patio into a fully-fledged food and drink parlor.

In conclusion, a patio is not just a concrete pavement created to consume your backyard space. Select patio designs that reflect your personality. Designing a patio should be considered as a creative activity, rather than a boring and time-consuming task. Building a good patio requires a lot of time, effort and some creativity to make it a nice place, so it is better left to professionals. Look for a reputable builder with a track record of delivering high quality work.


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The 10 most effective horror films to do lose weight

According to a British study, watch a scary movie for at least 90 minutes, can eliminate about 200 calories, the same as is done running for half an hour.

Celebrating Halloween night already come, would be a perfect occasion for a scary movie marathon. The grace of the tapes of this kind lies in its ability to produce adrenaline in viewers and make them burn calories. Yes, as you read, watch movies such active metabolism.

That’s what postulates the expert in cell metabolism and physiology at the University of Westminster (UK), Richard Mackenzie , who examined 10 volunteers and measured their heart rate, oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production, finding that the number of calories consumed in a ninety-minute movie increases more than 30 percent, as it burns running for half an hour.

Películas terror

“The Shining”

The study published in the British newspaper The Telegraph , concludes that this burning calories is due tophysiological changes that result from therelease of adrenaline (because of fear).This increases the stress of the body, reduces appetite and increases the activity of the basal metabolism .

Mackenzie conducted the analysis with several horror films, according to the levels of pulse and increased heart rate,examining their effects. “As blood is pumped around the body harder, a surge ofadrenaline is experiencing This occurs especially during brief moments of stress,that decrease appetite and increase the basal metabolism, burning calories, “said the researcher.

The film led burning calories is the film The Shining a psychological horror film starring Jack Nicholson and directed by Stanley Kubrick, which premiered in 1980.

Here are the rankings of the top 10 horror movies to burn calories:

  1. The Shining: 184 calories
  2. Lipozene: 161 calories
  3. Exorcist: 158 calories
  4. Alien: 152 calories
  5. Saw: 133 calories
  6. Nightmare: 118 calories
  7. Paranormal Activity: 111 calories
  8. The Blair Witch Project: 105 calories
  9. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: 107 calories
  10. REC: 101 calories

Shark Trailer

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