The Chilean maid review

The Maid (la lana) (2009) is a Chilean film that portrays intimate way a reality that people live both ends of Chile: the rich and the poor. The rich have “nanas” and poor working as “nana”. The “Nana” is for the Chilean maid, a woman from maid service toronto working making toilet, babysitting, cooking and ironing in the wealthier upper class homes.

The film is about a nanny ( Catalina Saavedra ) who devotes his life to the family she works for and all that is able to defend something they believe is theirs. When they bring to other nannies to help with housework, she feels threatened and invaded and does everything possible to keep that place he feels he has earned in the heart of that family. The character of nana is a well-armed character, with all its complexities, fears, conflicts, loves, desires and interests, with all the good and bad that has a real person, so a very lovable character becomes, and that despite making life miserable for their new “rivals” finally one’s compassion and understand their fears.

For many, it is very iconic of Chilean culture, but La nana has been around the world and after more than three years since its release, still circling theaters in Europe, the US and South America, as now with the premiere in Argentina. It is also the first Chilean film premiered at Netflix online streaming site American films. A great achievement for the Chilean film so mean, besides having won many awards around the world at various festivals in which he participated.

Directed by Sebastián Silva , the film tells a very personal story that led him to have his brother as an actor, with friends in production and in major film roles and in the house where he grew up. It is an intimate film of a family history, but also very Chile on an issue as is the work of a domestic worker (there are other countries that also have a person who works at home but only in Chile told “Nana”) .

La nana recreates a reality intimate, quiet and in its simplicity achieved something very valuable way: transferring emotions. It does not stay in the macro, but the characters and the script are so well constructed that the film has social and cultural scope.

In these films so intimate, the performances are very important, since everything is on the characters.Have given the lead to Catalina Saavedra is not surprising, if we refer to popular culture in Chile, where she was Nana on more than one occasion on television. But not only that, but because it is one of the most talented actresses of Chile. Even the “Village Voice” gave the award for best actress in 2009, earning a master like Meryl Streep. In addition to the performance of Saavedra, the cast also involved the great actress Claudia Celedon , Alejandro Goic and Andrea García-Huidobro , among others.

La nana showcases the best that has given the Chilean cinema in recent times, thanks to the talent ofSilva and actors, as well as tell a simple story but with many nuances, details, and the strength and talent to highlight within the contemporary Latin American cinema.

Best Movies haunted houses

haunted houses

The lists are often capricious and this is no exception. What follows is not a list of “deemed” best movies of haunted houses, even the “considered” more important or influential; reflects favoritism to his editor: those that for certain reasons more have captivated me, stimulated and made ​​me enjoy.There will be readers who’re missed this or that title, while others might be indignant to see any of those I have included. The purpose of this text (biased notice for the second time) is simply to share my passion for the genre and make a pooling step: those not familiar with it will find here a great starting point; on the contrary, those who are so perhaps discover some title that has gone unnoticed until now.Finally, also the writer is open (and willing) to recommendations.

The second point I wanted to make concerns the selection process: often the genre at hand is mixed with ghost stories or possessions. It is not easy to establish a uniform criterion for clearing all the material and clean it of impurities. In other words confuse categories. I have tried to include those securities in the architectural space plays an important role and is treated as a character. With some exceptions (a mental hospital, a hotel and a convent) , the action takes place within the walls of a house. I have discarded the castles to prevent and limit hodgepodge selection, and also because I think the houses, those beautiful and imposing Victorian building, colonial, neo, that populate the novels and films, are their direct descendants. Not having the new continent a medieval tradition to draw on, American fiction changed the towers in the attic, the basement dungeon and moat by a lake. It is also true that the supernatural is democratized, and it is no longer necessary live in a castle or belong to a noble family to be haunted by the ghost of turn.

Another major obstacle is the mix of genres. For decades the stories of haunted houses on celluloid were linked to comedy. First at the earliest, almost prehistoric productions, such as are George Mélièsand Second Chomón , and later in the Universal and other smaller studies over the decades of 30 and 40 and to a lesser extent, 50: one long trail of titles featuring comedians fashion of the time, namely,Bob Hope, Abbott and Costello and even mule Francis (Francis in the haunted house) . Another famous mixture has the second ingredient mystery, are what has often been called the horror noir : stories in which the murders and, more characteristic of the detective genre, the detective frames whodunnit is enclosed spaces were developed, almost always mansions; The Cat and the Canary and The Old Dark House are two classic examples. The supernatural element was finally moved to the background, reduced most cases a simple and prosaic rational explanation; say that in the end, the light of reason clearing the shadows of mystery.

We could say that pure terror, understanding this at that which originates in the supernatural, is not fully installed in the subgenus (ignoring the mansion of Horrors 1959 and Intruders, 1944) until the early sixties with two seminal works: Suspense and The Haunted House . These two films of the genre lay the foundation for the next two decades. Then shall the Ente and above all, Poltergeist and the end of the ladder , managers take over and shore, almost permanently until today, its grammar and conventions, as we know (and we anticipate in each new viewing) today. In between, another decisive title in 70: The infernal mansion.

As data, noting that fourteen of the listed titles are based on literary texts. There are two films of the 20s, one 30, one 50, three of the 60, seven of the 70, five of the 80, two of the 90, one from 2000 and one from the last decade. Finally, the list is supplemented by a second relationship, lighter, titles to consider, listed by decades. In total, the number stands at forty-five. You will enjoy it.

The Cat and the Canary (1927)

the cat and the canaryMy favorite of the Universal film with The Man Who Laughs (1928) and The Wolfman (1941). Although not the first, may justly be considered the mother of all haunted house films. A complete catalog of visuals and narrative suspense generators that they will become classics while recurrent and imitated it unfolds. Paul Leni applied masterfully molds of German Expressionism, which is so important for the development of genre cinema in Hollywood for decades. The result is a captivating, hypnotic work that pays the possibilities of architecture (long corridors, dark corners, curtains in the wind …) and lighting effects to create a genuinely terrifying atmosphere. A film that does not age.

Le chute of mason Usher (1928, Jean Epstein)

haunted housesJean Epstein and Luis Buñuel pooled their talents to create this wonder (it seems that the Aragonese was not too happy with the way the text was adapted Poe) . I would define La chute de la Usher mason like a cross between Beauty and the Beast (1946)Vampyr (1932): first, exhibits lyricism, formal beauty, a sense of magic and attention to objects (so dear to surrealism) Cocteau’s work; on the other, the entire film is imbued with that unreal, dreamlike, property title Dreyer atmosphere. If someone told me that La chute de la Usher mason is the most beautiful horror film history not stay choice but to give the reason.

El fantasma del convento (1934)

the ghost of the convent

I hope that out of the blue monograph on the Mexican fantaterror that places the order to our brothers across the pond in the place they deserve in the history of horror gift (and film to dry). Until that day comes, the most stubborn have to go digging here and there and proclaim from the rooftops the cinematic gems of those latitudes they come out to meet us; such is the case of The Scapular (1968),Aunt Alexandra (1979) or the title in hand. While in most of world cinematography terror had barely been outlined, Juan Bustillo Oro , considered the father of the genre in his country, directs and writes four main headings: Two monks (1934), The Mystery of the pale face (1935 ), Nostradamus (1937) and The Phantom of the convent , a masterpiece that combines the stylistic features of German Expressionism with the most sordid and solemn Gothic (much more faithful to its literary roots subsequent demonstrations in the sixties in Italy, England, America or Mexico) . Top of Mexican cinema masterpiece of horror. What more can you say?

The Turn of the Screw (1959)

Another twist

John Frankenheimer worked fifteen years in television before directing earn its reputation as formidable thrillers Evil Plan (1966) and The Manchurian Candidate (1962). One of his last works was for the small screen version of The Turn of the Screw (of which many speak but almost nobody saw) , coming on two years of Clayton and Capote and does not detract at all from it. The film has a acertadísima address Frankenheimer, an outstanding interpretation of Ingrid Bergman and some tense moments and truly memorable horror. A gem.

Thriller (1961)


Little can be said and to add on this title, which appears without exception in all lists of the best horror movies ever. Jack Clayton in direction and Truman Capote in the adaptation of the novel byHenry James forge a tape exceptional style direct descendant Val Lewton and the mirror in which all films of the genre takes looking for half a century. None of his imitators / plagiadoras has gotten close to their level of excellence. Suspense remains one of those rare examples where the drama and terror are linked with such skill that not only do not interfere, but coming together to create something beyond. The definitive history of ghosts. My favorite movie ever terror.

The Haunted House (1963)

the haunting

Along with Thriller , The Haunted House lays the foundation necessary for rejuvenation and renewal of the genre that so far, glorious exceptions aside, shamelessly had mated with comedy, black genre. In the film, veteran director Robert Wise takes advantage of the architecture of Sell my house fast Leeds and plays with contrasts of light and shadow to create unrepeatable moments of tension. For posterity, the scene of the hand that appears when the protagonist sleeps, imitated later by Hideo Nakata in Dark Water .Magnificent.

A quiet place in the country (1968)

a quiet place in the country

ElioPetri tape is one of the most atypical and least known of the listed here. It’s a great horror film that start with hints of cinema “arthouse” but soon finds its way to the heart of horror without hesitation same. Petri address is striking and remarkable, the director puts the eye in the most unexpected places, like the protagonist spy and we made ​​partaker of his insanity. Fantasy, spooky, presents the viewer in a new light, or at least unusual, as it moves away from the atmosphere of Italian Gothic, in free fall at the end of the decade, and the traditional ghost stories. Franco Nero plays a former tenant obsessed with a abanodana village painter. The actor had played a character touched by madness with certain similarities two years before the great Il terzo occhio (1966) (which, as curiosisdad, will point out that anticipates no little of Buio Omega Joe D’Amato). A posto tranquillo di campagna is among the best of the Italian fantaterror.

Malpertuis (1971)


Harry Kümel reached something of a cult director status thanks to the red on the lips (1971), a stylized and decadent lesbian film vampirism in the line of Vampyres (1974) by José Ramón Larraz ;however, his great contribution to European fantaterror is definitely Malpertuis . Although adaptation of the literary text as the tape is rather short (almost impossible to move the complex structure of the novel by Jean Ray) , the work of Kümel entity has sufficient quality to be among the best productions of the genre shot in the old continent. Be warned: this is not a story of haunted houses in the old way, Malpertuis is much more than an old mansion, it nestles an incredible secret. Different and beautiful than most.

The stone tape (1972)

Make way for my beloved Nigel Kneale , creator of the series Quatermass and one of the best writers in the fantasy genre in history. Initially, it was thought to integrate The stone tape an episode of the series Dead of night , but finally the BBC decided to issue it as a single program. The film has all the ingredients that have become famous Kneale, in fact, is one of his best work: great dialogues, steady pace, interesting characters, anxiety and suspense over terror, wise dosing information and a conception highly sophisticated (but never pedantic) genre. Actually, Kneale was a writer of talent, genius sometimes, and The stone tape is one of the best, most original and unusual contributions to the subgenre of house enchanted. Bright.

Don’t be afraid of the dark (1973)

Do not Be Afraid of the Dark TVGuide

The 70 had a handful of horror films made ​​for the small screen. Don’t be afraid of the dark is one of the most memorable with Duel and also one of the best. In principle, it is assigned to the subgenus at hand, but then drift into something stranger, almost film series B. well built, well run and better proportioned. Subtle and sharp (and timeless) portrait of a woman married to an executive promising future, embracing the role of submissive housewife and helpful home to please her husband. Great horror film that has little to do with the forgettable remake produced by Guillermo del Toro .

The Legend of Hell House (1973)

The Legend of Hell House

The Legend of Hell HouseI like to think the ideal complement to the haunted house . Based on the novel by Richard Matheson , the premise is very similar, however, The Legend of Hell House darkest reaches a point and left the tape Wise . The film explodes and becomes strong in the bedroom scenes: the resource, endlessly imitated since then, the sheet that slipped moved by an invisible hand while sleeping protagonist is here. It is, as I say, a more aggressive, violent and claustrophobic version of the same story (as is the novel) , with a greater commitment to the explicit horror and magnificent and spectacular finale: a kind of exorcism face to face with the origin of evil; another success to be emulated by his successors. Note:considered the first film include “explicit” sex with a ghost.

Burnt Offerings (1976)

diabolical nightmare

The legendary Dan Curtis brought to the screen the novel by Robert Marasco . Oliver Reed and Karen Black star in this story about a haunted house that introduces an interesting concept in the subgenus.Tape not widely known but not negligible and should be rightfully on the list thanks to the good work of its main actors and the wise and experienced hand of Dan Curtis. To discover.

Hausu (1977)

HausuIf a Japanese cult film par excellence in this blessed genre that is definitely Hausu , a work that literally have to see to believe. As unusual as Mars, the second over Nobuhiko Obayashi (famous, among other things, to adapt Aula adrift of Kazuo Umezu) does blow up any prejudice that the viewer might have on horror films.It is hard to imagine a film progresses much with so little; to be able to surprise, to offer, at every moment, at every level, a discovery and a surprise, and incidentally boot a couple of laughs as it does Hausu. There is something in each plane served on a silver platter to memory, the fun and visual delight. Hausu leaves small extravagances Takashi Miike , the Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl and other nonsense psychotronic exported by the Japanese decade. Inimitable . Unrepeatable. Unforgivable.

Full Circle (1977)

Full circleAnother covered. Also known as The haunting of Julia , the Anglo-Canadian production is among the best. Thanks to Rosemary’s Baby(1969) and Blind Terror (1971), Mia Farrow was already a familiar face in the genre when he starred. No longer is a ghost story old-fashioned, very well run, the slower times but never stagnant, in which the tension grows slowly until the final climax, that is beautiful and devastating than most. Do not forget the special focus of the film, which over time has become a classic.

The Shining (1980)


Another set lists. The film quintessential haunted houses. The most savaged by critics of few rolled his head. The face of Jack Nicholson peeking through the door is one of the icons of film history. Despite a couple of pictures of questionable taste, Kubrick gives us some of the most beautiful, powerful and better shot of gender, near the aesthetic orgasm scenes: the tricycle scrolling through the corridors of the hotel, meetings in the restaurant, Jack lost in the labyrinth under the snow … Strange in his pace, great at times in the dialogues, this is The Movie.

The Entity (1981)

the entity

Few films can boast of producing the impact of the Ente . Contemporary Poltergeist , shares many elements with it; However, the Ente is a little less showy and “popcorn” (lights, music, plaintive spirits …) that the tape produced by Spielberg , and far more crude and violent in their way of presenting the facts. You could say it is an adult version of Poltergeist . In a way, it’s a cross between haunted houses and torture porn. The Ente cultivates a kind of deep and abiding fear: that arises from the concern, uncertainty and feeling of utter helplessness; that makes us know in the hands of our enemy when, where and how he wants. Another classic: cruel traumatic unforgettable.

At the end of the stairs (1980)

At the end of the ladderPeter Medak , who has spent most of his career in television, will be primarily remembered for this film, another classic from the list.Well directed, written and performed, the tape has some moments that are departing the collective imagination of horror, and then have been copied over and over again: the wheelchair, the ball downstairs, the appearance in the tub … Moreover, it is one of the canonical examples of how to mix the horror thriller; between startle and shock, the protagonist is forced to investigate the events in the house several years ago to find out what lurking ghost haunting the house (in the end, like everyone, “only” wants revenge ) . clasicazo.

Poltergeist (1982)


Another fixed. A family classic. Ideal for desktop. Surprising change of registration, almost radical, its director, Tobe Hooper , considering coming to make a name after shooting Texas Chainsaw Massacre .Actually not so surprising if we think Spielberg is behind all the lights, the buenismo, family values ​​… Many of narrative and visual resources Poltergeist can be traced without difficulty four years earlier inEncounters of the Third Kind . However, it is perhaps the film’s most famous haunted houses and influential history: the kitchen scene, near the beginning; the snowman in the bedroom; the figure of the medium; the concept of lost souls who “seek the light” ; settlement under the house; access to another world through the cabinet; The image of the girl watching TV … They already become cliché.It keeps the magic despite the years.

The woman in black (1989)

the woman in the original black

We return to the TV, we return to Knigel Kneale , this time adapting the novel by Susan Hill . A classic ghost story set in an isolated house where nobody around wants to hear about. The remake with Harry Potter was not bad at all, but it was too gimmicky compared with Kneale style. Another jewel in the crown: classical structure, in crescendo; subtle terror that explodes with a final scene of those who are not forgotten. I never tire of praising. Great movie.

Appearances (1991)

A list clogged. A dossier Warren brought to the screen two decades before The Conjuring . Television Production budget, surprisingly effective, with truly intense moments. From his tone, comes close to wrecking the body, with which you can mount a great double bill. Highly recommended.

Ghostwatch (1996)


It is rather a mockumentary, a supposed live program broadcast from a haunted house on Halloween night. The program of the BBC made ​​a strong impact in their day across the nation, so much so that he was banned for ten years. Ghostwatch anticipates Draft Blair Witch and Paranormal activity in many of his narrative findings. Technically flawless, written with intelligence and emotionally powerful: you have to see it.

Session 9 (2001)

Session 9

An atypical approach to the subgenus held by Brad Anderson . The house is replaced here by an abandoned psychiatric hospital. Paused, ambiguous, beautifully set, haunting and subtle than most. Not for everyone, but damn good. Probably Session 9 Anderson is the best to date.

Lovely Molly (2011)

Lovely Molly

The latest film by Eduardo Sánchez divided the fans: a mediocrity for some, one of the best titles of the year that was for others. I am among the latter. Certainly the film is not as entertaining or as round as other recent titles Wan factory, but the truth is we do not need. It is much more risky and complex in its structure and exhibits generators of more personal terror, poetic and subtle mechanisms.Ambiguous, intelligent, ungrateful …

Other titles to consider

The 30s:
The Old Dark House (1932)

Rebecca (1940) ▪ Intruders (1944) ▪ The fall of the house of Usher (1949)

House of Usher (1960) ▪ Kaidan semushi otoko (1965) ▪ The Call (1965) ▪ Repulsion (1965) ▪ The redevance du fantôme (TV, 1965) ▪ History not sleep: House (1968)

Something diabolical (TV, 1972) ▪ Dead of night: the exorcism (TV, 1972) ▪ The Sentinel (1977)

The House by the Cemetery (1981) ▪ Dreamhouse (Short, 1981) ▪ Amytiville 2: The Possession (1982) ▪ Turn of the Screw (1985) ▪ House, an amazing house (1986) ▪ Heart of Midnight ( 1988) ▪ Sweet Home (1989)

Event Horizon (1997)

The Devil’s Backbone (2001) ▪ The Others (2001) ▪ Dark Water (2002) ▪ Darkness (2002) ▪ Fragile (2005) ▪ Coisa Ruim (2006) ▪ Monster house (2006) ▪ Films to Keep You Awake: child’s room (TV, 2006) ▪Paranormal Activity (2007)

Insidious (2010) ▪ The pact (2012) ▪ Record Warren (2013) ▪ The House at the End of Time (2013)


Here we offer a small selection of trailers of the movies that are part of our special “Best Movies haunted houses”.

Suspense Trailer:

Trailer for The Haunting (The Haunted House):

Trailer for The Legend of Hell House:

Trailer Poltergeist:

Trailer Hausu:

5 movies about real diseases

In film is common to see stories, fantastic, mysterious, fun and even surprising; however, many of his scripts are based on real life, reaching to touch the …

Diseases in film


We are the leading lifestyle site in Mexico and Latin America. We add the best experts, to improve your quality of life.

In film is common to see stories, fantastic, mysterious, fun and even surprising;however, many of his scripts are based on real life, reaching to touch the purest fibers of human life. Health problems have not escaped this category, questioning and describing the situation of strange diseases, the feelings of patients and the point of view of one who suffers the problem externally.


Then we invite you to meet some of the examples brought to the big screen, informing you of the synopsis and the condition involving each:

Cuckoo (mentally ill)

This winning story of 5 Oscars, presented Randle McMurphy who have used nam lim xanh (main character of the story), who to avoid jail convinces the judge be admitted to a psychiatric institution.

The story portrays what life might be like in a center for mentally ill gradually discover situations where patients play different roles in the group of inmates.  Some develop real psychiatric problems, while others base their biggest problem depression and self-esteem.

The Spanish website reported that 20% of teenagers worldwide has any mental health problem involving psychiatric behaviors, according to the annual State of the World’s Children (EMI) of Unicef.

A Beautiful Mind (Schizophrenia)

Based on the life of John F. Nash, suffering from schizophrenia, who received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1994 as a film  co-author of game theory and participated in the World Congress of Psychiatry held in Madrid in 1996, featuring a presentation about of his experience as a patient.

The film chronicles the arrival of Nash at Princeton University in 1947 and the onset of symptoms of schizophrenia in the late 50s, so the film reflects the different stages and states through which he spent as a patient to achieve an acceptable level of recovery.

About 1 million Mexicans suffer from schizophrenia . Each year 250,000 people are hospitalized for mental disorders in psychiatric hospitals the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) where 5 out of 10 patients are schizophrenic disease that currently affects 1 in every 100 people worldwide.

Bad Habits (Eating Disorders)

While it is a Mexican film, the story raises a reflection of a world in which some want to be able to eat while other waste or hate this act. The film describes how anorexia and bulimia diseases ceased to be exclusive social class or international gateways , to become a situation that equally  affects a nun, to a mother, that to a girl.

There is a great difference in the use of the term anorexia nervosa. People commonly associate the two as the same. Although both terms denote loss of appetite of a person; The term anorexia denotes the physical inability to detect hunger.  However, the term anorexia nervosa refers to a psychological state in which the individual distorts your vision on appetite and appropriate measures to extreme food deprivation eating habits.

Julia’s Eyes (Blindness)

The story is about twin sisters Julia and Sarah, both suffering from a degenerative disease that remains with progressive blindness.

Receiving no news of her sister Julia decides to go in your search. On reaching the place that should be Sarah discovers that he has committed suicide; however, this does not e enough to Julia who not only facing the loss of his sister, but also the loss of all hope to stop his impending blindness, as she suffers the same disease and seems to share the same fate.

Clinical signs of vision loss are: blurred vision, complete blindness, eye pain with eye redness, feeling of seeing “flying flies” or “light rays”.

Early detection is important for an ophthalmologist will perform an accurate diagnosis and may be just the need to restore the problem procedure.


Farewell to vegas (Alcoholism)

A classic of film showing the end of alcoholism. A man who loses his job and goes to Las Vegas wearing out its latest economic resources on alcohol. What makes this film a painful testimony to those who have suffered from this disease.

In the film the classic scenes of one drink as a sign of sophistication and status are present.  Leaving Las Vegas is not a film against the consumption of alcohol, is a heartbreaking and painful experience, where you can observe the reactions of withdrawal, mood changes a person suffering from alcoholism and a tendency to self-destruction.

There is much evidence in reality to diagnose alcoholism, usually in the form of standardized questionnaires that the patient can do on their own or as an interview conducted by the doctor. Since alcoholics often deny their problem or lie about it, the tests are designed to elicit responses related to the problems associated with drinking, rather than the amount of liquor consumed or specific drinking habits.

The fastest test takes just a minute; test called CAGE, an acronym for the following questions: (C) (Cut) attempts to reduce drinking; (A) (Annoyance) discomfort with criticism about drinking; (G) (Guilt) guilt about drinking; and (E) (Eye-opener) use of alcohol in the morning, literally “eye opener”.


Five films of photography that you can not miss

There are many films that one way or another have linked world cinema with photography. Some tell stories based directly on a single photo that has had great historical significance, others simply tell fictional stories about photographers.

Today we bring Engadget picture a selection of five films on photography and photographers can not miss . Some are not very current, but we think that due to the great influence they have had on the world of photography and its contents are very interesting.

Blow up



A famous Londoner photographer takes a series of pictures of a couple in the park. They discover taking photographs and at the insistence of the girl to recover the negative, the photographer begins to suspect that these photographs are hiding something. After expand and enlarge copies discovers an unrecognizable form the bushes. A film that raises us how what appears in a photograph can be used as evidence of the truth.

Although this is a film of the sixties in which we must not expect to find striking images, special effects or anything that dominates today’s cinema, is a film with a strong conceptual content, which also shows very interesting scenes how was London in the sixties. You can not miss the home and studio where the photographer and the bravado with which treats living models.

Original Title: Blow-up

Director: Michelangelo Antonioni

Starring: David Hemmings, Vanessa Redgrave, Sarah Miles, Peter Bowles, Jane Birkin, Gillian Hills.

Country: United States

Production year: 1966

Photography: Carlo Di Palma




Auggie Wren (Harvey Keitel) is the owner of a tobacco shop in Brooklyn, New York. Every day at eight o’clock in the morning is in his corner, with his camera on the tripod, ready to take a picture with the same frame of mime corner of New York. For fourteen years he has been taking this photograph and forming a large collection of scenes that occur daily in the same place, same time. The film tells the hitoria how this tobacconist got his camera, classical Canon AE-1

A curious story that can inspire us to start a project of this type. An interesting scene in the movie is where the tobacconist shows some of the photographs that has taken over the years. Actually these photos were taken and not about a simple cinematic history.

Original title: Smoke

Director: Wayne Wang

Starring: Harvey Keitel, William Hurt, Stockard Channing, Forest Whitaker, Harold Perrineau Jr., Ashley Judd, Giancarlo Esposito, Victor Argo, Erica Gimpel, Clarice Taylor.

Country: United States

Production year: 1994


The Public Eye


The public eye

The Great Benzyni, a photojournalist in New York, character based on Weegee (Arthur Felling), is the best photojournalist murder scenes of that time in the Big Apple. He has no qualms about modifying elements in the scene before the police arrive, even cops ask him put his hat to the dead (the photo of a dead hat worth a few dollars more than if you leave your hat).

Obsessed with achieving the publication of his work and personal approach used to both police and the mafia is involved in a story between mobsters in which, of course, take the opportunity to take your best shots.

This is a good example of the fame of “vermin” who were photojournalists of the time. The unscrupulousness of Weegee and how he got this fabulous photographer get to New York with nothing in his pockets and become a master photographer.

Original titlo : The Public Eye

Director: Howard Franklin

Starring: Joe Pesci, Barbara Hershey, Stanley Tucci, Jerry Adler, Dominic Chianese

Country: United States

Production year: 1992

Photo: Peter Suschitzky

Portrait of an obsession


Portrait of an obsession

It tells the personal story of the American photographer Diane Arbus, whose portraits managed to startle the American society of the sixties. He lives in his apartment in New York with Allan Arbus, her husband and fashion photographer, beside which also works well.

Diane always attracted by the mystery and strange characters, ends approaching his neighbor, a man with hypertrichosis (disease that covers his entire body hair), which ends up feeling strangely drawn.

Since the original title reads, “An imaginary portait of Diane Arbus” (An imaginary portrait of Diane Arbus). Those who may know the life of Diane Arbus, just will recognize traits of the author in the character who plays Nicole Kidman. As film is interesting but leaves much to be desired part documentary.

Original Title: An imaginary portait of Diane Arbus

Director: Steven Shainberg

Starring: Nicole Kidman, Robert Downey Jr., Ty Burrell, Harris Yulin, Jane Alexander.

Country: United States

Production year: 2006

Photo: Bill Pope, ASC

The Bang Bang Club


The bang bang club

Many of us, at the name of Bang Bang Club we come to mind four reporters of war (Kevin Carter, Greg Marinovich, Ken Oosterbroek and Joao Silva) who have given us some of the photos on the cruel stories have lived and continue to pervade Africa. This film tells the real experiences of these four reporters in his last days in South Africa.

Although sometimes the facts pass too quickly in the film, the story of this group of friends who decide to form this unique club of war reporters is so interesting and known, that the director can afford that speed in the storytelling.

It seems that finally we can not enjoy this movie in Spanish cinemas. If we want to see it translated into Spanish will be a matter of waiting to see if they take some version in DVD .

Director: Steven Silver

Starring: Ryan Phillippe, Malin Akerman, Taylor Kitsch, Frank Rautenbach, Neels Van Jaarsveld

Country: United States

Production year: 2011

Photography: Miroslaw Baszak

“Game of Thrones” The war is not over

Hotel Corinthia is four blocks from the Palace of Westminster , the seat of the British Parliament. When from the top of the tower, the great bell gives eleven o’clock, it starts to be reserved for the production of flat HBO a game of thrones but no seats in the cast of”watch game of thrones online free” It rotates in couples waiting room where a table full of journalists from around the world. They take their seats and talk with us for 20 minutes, and it will be until the Big Ben mark midday.It’s raining outside and there are reports of flooding across the country. It seems a sign that winter is coming.

Liam Cunningham and Carice van Houten are the first to arrive. They play two antagonistic characters in the series, the disturbingMelisandre , the “Red Witch”, and reflective Davos Seaworth , the advisor to King Stannis . Let’s be clear: none of them tell us who occupy the Iron Throne, even may offer details of the first chapter of the fourth season so stringent are the producing reserves. However, they will share their certainties learned after three years delving into their roles.

“What do you think that the bad guys always win in ‘Game of Thrones’” asked. “To say whether they are good or bad depends on your point of view,” says Cunningham . “For example, can you believe that Jaime Lannister is a despicable, capable of throwing a guy through a window character. However, it is important to understand the motivations for their actions. I think the best thing about this series is the complexity of the characters “he says.

One of the most appealing aspects of the drama is the complexity of the female characters. “Here, women do not stay in their homes or in their castles caring for their babies,” says van Houten , the only Dutch cast. ” They are strong and incredibly dangerous , “saidCunningham , then ventured a joke: “As much as in real life.”

Another aspect that excites actors is the unpredictability of the scripts for the series. “It’s exciting. We know that we will receive text until the end. It’s like working on a soap opera,” says the actress. Therefore, they have fun throwing assumptions about his future in the series: “We might be lovers,” she said, to which he replies, “Bu ene, we got so bad in the series, we could already be considered a marriage ” . 

For the Dutch artist, it’s funny that people feel they know her character more than herself. And maybe it’s true, as far published five books of the “Song of Ice and Fire” preserves unopened on her nightstand saga. “Sometimes I browse looking for my name, but it’s hard. I can not pre-empt what will happen,” he says.

What can we expect from this fourth season? Cunningham dare to advance that, unlike previous installments, with huge climaxes as the death of the Lord of Winterfell , the Battle of the Blackwater and the terrible red wedding, this time more intense moments have spread throughout the season. Do you have a message in the series? The Scottish actor is clear: “‘Game of Thrones’ shows that absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Therefore, says he does not dream of sitting on the Iron Throne: “It must be very uncomfortable, so full of knives Terrible.”.

SPEAK Kingslayer

Viewers hate Jaime Lannister . Reasons are plenty: sleeps with his sister, Queen Cersei (Lena Headey ) and has three children with her.To protect the secret of his incestuous romance, pushed Bran Stark(Isaac Hempstead Wright ) from the window of a tower. So when they cut the right hand at the end of the third season, viewers applauded the punishment. However, the long road beside the warrior Brienne ofTarth seems to have humanized.

Facing reporters, actors Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and GwendolineChristie boast excellent chemistry. Is there sexual tension between their characters ?, asks a colleague. They look funny. “I think our relationship is much talk about relationships in general, not just sex,” says the Danish actor. “They are two big differences enemies suddenly connect at a deep level, achieving mutual respect and trust.”

If the first season Jaime Lannister he looked like Prince Charming “Shrek “after prisoner without hand wielding the sword months, the change is radical:” People change, “says Coster-Waldau . “The first thing we see is Jaime having sex with his sister, and then throws the baby out the window. We have no information, only see the action. By knowing the reasons why the characters do what they do have the complete picture” he explains.

“One thing I love about this series is the honesty with which shows the complexity of people. No one can know how it will behave in the coming hours, how it will react. You can love your wife, but then fights with her for something stupid. That is what happens with the characters for ‘Game of Thrones’. They connect through many emotional reasons, “he adds.

To Gwendoline Christie , their relationship will deepen , “We have seen Brienne of Tarth . at first a bit naive, very noble ideals, noting the cynicism of Jaime She will help you expand your mind when he faces the reality for survive. And Jaime Lannister learn from her sense of morality, “he says.

“After a while, the family Lannister becomes joint. Joffreyes now king, and there are lots of family tension. I returned having lost his hand and back to be commander of the Royal Guard. My father has high expectations for me, my brother Tyrion needs much help and my sister Cersei needs, well, a bit of my love (laughs). He must find his place. You must deal with the fact that it is not what it was before. It was a great experience to record this season “says Coster-Waldau .


The fourth season of “Game of Thrones” premieres today at 8 pm on HBO.


Under The Same Star In Our Future – Movie Review

 Do not worry about me, Hazel ‘m fine.  I’ll find a way to hang out and bother you for long. 


I’m Trapped between two moods after seeing  under the same star , I feel like I mourn, run to the arms abrazadoramente know me warm, or give me a good hot water bath so drunk to my heart.

Curiosity about the fate or future lies ahead Life is often thought to ourselves, and of course after seeing the film we wonder what we do “Today” for us or for us to have a desired destination.

Weighing the possibility (for those who believe that the target is signed) that we can change that can happen is that thousands of readers have concluded their own future, that which is uncertain and unknown, what we fear and desolation, it could become more if we work within us into something so amazing and so well said of “The Best Investment in Life, Our Inside”.



 Hazel and Gus give hope to thousands of teens and adults who have dared to see the film at the cinema or read the book by jhon Green The fault in our stars pdf download …

But ..

“The only person I wanted to talk about the fate of August us   is inside me … “


For me lately whatsapp is a faster option to communicate with the outside world, I imagine that many teens try more than one way for these conversations, but the point here is to understand that Life is much more than a well-written book or exciting and heartbreaking true story, so I hope to try to imagine a near future sharing laughs and experiences that not your best option for your interior. 

Continue “Under The Same Star On Our Future.”

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Hollywood accounting: The mystery behind successful films are loss

Is it possible for blockbusters such as “Star Wars” and “Lord of the Rings” show red in your finances? In this context, this issue has also been the subject of analysis and debate in an industry where raw ego and extravagance on the part of writers, producers, actors and directors.

Thus was made ​​known the famous ” Accounting for Hollywood “, this according to an article developed by Dennis McDougal in 1989 for” Los Angeles Times “, refers to the Irenas bas services methods used by the industry of film, video and television for more profits based on inflated, reduce or eliminate the accounting result of the project, reducing the amount the company must pay to actors, directors and writers in royalties or other arrangements on profit sharing, because they are based in net profit.

This action can take several forms. One is that participants in the production are linked to an affiliate studio to perform an activity and the parent entity, ie, the film studio withdraw money from the subsidiary does not in terms of profits, but in the form of charges for certain “services” that are counted as expenses or losses.

hollywood accounting

Photo: Agencies

In Hollywood about 5% of movies officially show a net profit, and the “losers” films include blockbusters such as “Rain Man,” “Forrest Gump,” “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and “Batman” , films that had large amounts of monetary collection both in box office as rent and sell videos.

In another publication of “Los Angeles Times”, developed in 1990 by Dennis McDougal also called “Murphy Movie Made Millions But Stayed in Red, Studio Ledgers Say” says controversial statements by actor and comedian Eddie Murphy, who notes that only a fool would accept the net on his contract.

For experts like John D. MacDonald, the really creative in these industries people are accountants. A large study has more than half the profit, after setting breakeven around three times the cost, taking 25% of revenue and overhead costs, and 35% of revenue and distribution charge, plus rental rates.

In that sense there are three main factors in Hollywood bookkeeping services chatswood to reduce the result of a film, this lies everything that has to do with the production overhead amounting to 15%, the cost of production close to 30% of what receive from the cinema and advertising expenses amounting to 10%.

All this shows why so many big name actors insist on “gross points” a percentage of gross income instead of net profit participation. This practice reduces the likelihood that a project is not attractive for real creative industry.

Emblematic cases that have affected the industry

A case of writer Winston Groom is the right of his novel Forrest Gump, the contract included a share of the profits. However due to the “Accounting Hollywood,” the commercial success of the film becomes a net loss without the author has received profit as entered in the book “Clarifying Accountability: An Ethical Theory Framework,” Melvin Dubnick. Because of this controversy to the study, the author refused to sell the rights of the script for the sequel to the novel, which included a meeting with Tom Hanks Gump while filming the movie of your life.

According to an article developed in St. Louis University Law Journal, entitled, “The Origins of Accountability: Everything I Know About the Sovereign’s Immunity, I Learned from King Henry III”, Stan Lee, co-creator of Spider-Man character, introduced demand after the producers of the film Spider-Man (2002), was not given a share of the gross income. Another case is that of former Attorney Jim Garrison, who sued Warner Bros. for their share of profits from the movie “JFK,” which called his book was based on the book “On the trail of the murderers.”

Also, the writer Art Buchwald received compensation after suing Paramount. The court cataloged the immoral actions of the study, noting that it was impossible to believe that a movie starring Eddie Murphy in 1988, called “A lost Prince in New York”, USA only raise $ 350 million without the author perceived a benefit.

Other major productions have been under observation by the justice, the case of Peter Jackson, director of “The Lord of the Rings” and his studio Wingnut Films, who filed a lawsuit against New Line Cinema for discrepancies in earnings. Also, according to Lucasfilm, “Return of the Jedi”, despite having earned $ 475 million at the box office compared to a budget of $ 32.5 million, “has never generated profits.”

10 movies that every architecture student has to watch

If you are an architecture student or architect has is the gift of having the pleasure of visual culture, and one of the many inspirations for architects is the cinema, and so today we leave 10 movies you can not miss if you are studying architecture or are an architect

In this list you will get cult films, commercial or documentary that tell good stories with stunning visuals and original proposals.

1. Archiculture (đá marble)

Original title: Archiculture (United States)




This documentary shows the strengths and dangers of a school of architecture . The film follows a group of young architecture students in the last semester at Pratt Institute in New York. The interactions and reactions of students , show the challenges of being a young aspiring to be an architect . A critical study associated with the system is also shown.

Two.  The Belly of an Architect (1987)

Título original: The Belly of an Architect (Reino Unido)


The Belly of an Architect


An  American architect  called đá ốp cầu thang visit Rome with Louise, his wife, to participate in the organization of an exhibition dedicated to French architect Étienne-eighteenth century Louis Boullée.For no apparent reason, starts to feel sharp pains in my belly. Because of the concern that produces their work and personal situation, begins to embark on a path of neurosis and personal introspection.

View the full movie

March.  Tuck (1943)

Original title: The fountainhead (United States)


 The fountainhead


Howard Roark is a brilliant architect , with very strong principles. He leaves his wife to accept a project in New York, but his plans are altered without their consent. The writer wanted thearchitectural designs that appear in the film to be done by  Frank Lloyd Wright , the royal architect who partially inspired the fictional architect Howard Roark. A classic that no architect should miss.

Download free notes History of Architecture

4.  Bột đá (2013)

Título original: bột đá: Around the day in 80 Worlds (Suiza)


Gran horizon


It is a film project of Urban Think Tank , with material collected over three years, tells the reality of informality urbanda worldwide from New Dehli to Bogota, structured in an unreal journey through theworld in a day . This documentary is based on the philosophy that the future of urban development lies in the collaboration between architects , governments, the private company and the world’s population of slums.

May.  Architect (2006)

Original title: The architect (USA)


The architect


The plot revolves around a prominent architect , who in his youth designed a housing complexbudget. At present, the housing complex is a place run down, and the perfect place for the development of crime. This movie will make you think about the responsibility of architects in theconstruction of buildings and the urban environment resulting in the same interaction with the city, a problem that it is more important than ever.

6. The human scale (2012)

Original title: The human scale  (Denmark)


Human scale


Jan Gehl, Danish architect and professor , has studied human behavior in cities for 40 years. It has documented how modern cities repel human interaction and ensures that we can begin to build citiesin a way that human needs of inclusion and intimacy, are taken into account.

7 My architect: a son’s journey (2003)

Original title: My Architect: A Son’s Journey  (USA)


My Architect


View the full movie
It is a film documentary about the architect American  Louis Kahn  (1901-1974), narrated by his son Nathaniel Kahn, which portrays the career of the architect and his family relationship after his death in 1974.
Download free revision notes Criticism and the Modern Movement

8. Away From All Suns (1961)

Título original: Away From all suns (Rusia-Alemania)


Away From All Suns


Follow the story of three Muscovites struggling to protect the architectural heritage of the city: utopian structures built during the 20s. What we deliver these buildings? What do you lose when becoming victims of corruption or investment ? These are some of the questions that the director is along the tape.

9. Antonio Gaudí  (1984)

Original title: Antonio Gaudi (Japan)


Antonio Gaudi


The director of this documentary is Hiroshi Teshigahara, a Japanese leading the televientes on a trip to the really spectacular buildings of the Catalan architect , including his masterpiece, still unfinishedSagrada Familia in Barcelona. With a bold and sensual work camera Teshigahara immortalizesGaudí and curves of the organizational structures of their buildings in the film. This film describe it as a work made ​​with passion

View the full movie

10. The World of Buckminster Fuller (1974)

Título original: The World of Buckminster Fuller (Estados Unidos)


The World of Buckminster Fuller


This Oscar-winning film by filmmaker Robert Snyder , like his other documentaries on “the great” (Michelangelo, Henry Miller, Willem De Kooning, Pablo Casals, among others), transports the viewer into the mind and soul of Fuller . Told entirely in his own words, the film is an intimate message, personal and inspiring Fuller to our fragile world.

- See more at:


Probably many times you had to wait for several hours in a row or who has made a long journey in which the only company that takes off is your smartphone. Besides playing, check social networks or reading a book, your smartphone can also be useful when you want to watch your favorite movies, even in many cases, without having to pay for it.

If you are a lover of cinema and has a phone with Android operating system, in we recommend four applications so you can watch your favorite tapes from your smartphone. 


Crackle is an application where you can watch movies and TV shows in high definition for free.Though the titles are not so recent, the app promotion has a relatively wide range of content that you can access at any time of day, anywhere using your mobile data or Wi-Fi.

The catalog of movies is divided by genres, the latest that have been uploaded to the app or the ones that are most popular. genera that are available are action, comedy, crime, horror, suspense, science fiction and anime. 

In addition, the app demo video allows users to create a profile using your Facebook account and create lists of your favorite movies.


Sure if you like movies and not rely heavily on certain websites, surely searched YouTube content. The popular video site has some full movies in their catalog that have good quality and can be viewed at no cost. MovieTube is an application that works from the hand of YouTube users and shows films that are on the web site Google and are in English, French, Spanish, Korean or Japanese.

Upon entering the application you must choose the language and then will find a list of movies that are available for viewing on YouTube. Once you choose your favorite, the app sends it to the videos page so you can see it. Although the interface is not as clean MovieTube, this service is very useful for finding movies and watch them in record time without any problem on your Android smartphone.

movies free wifiFree Wi-Fi Movies

With this application users can access a representative number of free movies that can be viewed from YouTube. Wi-Fi Movies shows you the titles divided by gender for you to browse that interest you most. Although not all movies are available for Colombia, there are several tapes that could be used and if they are available for our region.Moreover, you can evaluate and review the films within the app.

One advantage is that you can use free WiFi Movies do not have to register or make an additional process.


With the implementation of Netflix service subscribers can view their favorite shows and movies from anywhere for a monthly payment of 14,900 pesos.

Upon entering the app you will see a  row that shows movies and series they have seen so that they can resume from the point where they left off. Likewise, at the bottom you will see several custom rows with content recommendations to be adjusted according to your preferences.

And with a touch on the navigation menu you can access a complete list of genres that show even more titles organized by category.